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Rockabilly Podcast.
Hosted by Bridge Williams

Tracks Played

 (all by Jack Rabbit Slim)

Typhoon-                          (exclusive 1st play)   
Kitten With A Whip
Shake Rag-                      (exclusive 1st play)   
Skin-                                 (exclusive 1st play)   
Hairdo’s and Heartaches  (exclusive 1st play)   
Time Is a Wastin’-             Sue Moreno and Jack Rabbit Slim
The Gift                             (exclusive 1st play)   
21st Century Bettie Page  (exclusive 1st play)   

Episode 712/2009

The seventh episode is here! As we draw nearer to Christmas, as the nights draw in, as the purse strings creak under pressure, sit back in the warm with this episode. It features an interview with The Bonneville Barons as well as all the new releases from Western Star. It seems that the best things in life really are free….

Tracks Played


Forget Me             The Bonneville Barons

Bluer Than Blue-       Rudy La Crioux and the All Stars           

Sanity -                   Rockin’ Rocket 88

Broken Man -         The Bonneville Barons

Fool For You-            The Bonneville Barons

Episode 608/2009

Look everybody! it's the latest episode in the Western Star Rockabilly podcast! Quick, grab a copy before they run out....This episode sees an interview with the luscious-voiced Miss Jean Vincent. We play tracks from her new album 'New Hips and Panties" as well as other Western Star gems.

Tracks Played

The Storm                              -Rockin' Rocket 88

Right Out of Love Baby Blue    -Graham Fenton and the Western All-Stars

I'm Gonna Make You Mine       -Miss Jean Vincent

Come Over To The Dark Side   -Miss Jean Vincent (excerpt)

Baron Boogie                                  -The Bonneville Barons

Episode 503/2009

The fifth episode of The Western Star Rockabilly Podcast series- presented by Bridge Williams. This is the first podcast since November and it is celebrates the return with the usual mix of great tunes and occasionally funny chat…..

Tracks Played

Three months to Kill    -Graham Fenton                
Cinderella Story           -Sue Moreno and Jack Rabbit Slim
Thinkin’ ‘bout You        -Rockin’ Rocket 88
Too Many Lovers        -Bill Fadden and the Rhythm Busters
Roly Poly                     -Graham Fenton

Episode 412/2008

The festive season is here and we celebrate it with just as much rockin’ style as ever. What a year it has been, so we look back and bring some highlights of the releases coming out of Western Star in the year of our Lord, 2008….roll on ‘09

Tracks Played

What I Did Wrong               Rudy La Crioux and the All Stars

Too Late                        Sue Moreno and Jack Rabbit Slim

Heave-Ho                       The Bonneville Barons

Lonesome Rider             The Kansas City Cryers

Little Baby                     Bill Fadden and the Mostly Losers 


Episode 3 10/2008

This podcast we celebrate the release of Western Star Rockabillies Vol.3 by playing a few tracks from the compilation. We also have a live track The Bonneville Barons recorded at the Western Star event in Camden, London. This month we want to hear from you, get involved! listen up for details of how to contact us and tell us your name, where you are listening and anything else you wish to say. Enjoy!

Tracks Played

Heartbreakin’ Mama               Bill Fadden and the Rhythm Busters

Hightone Woman                Jack Rabbit Slim

Fortune Tellin’ Baby(live)     The Bonneville Barons

Cinderella Story                 Sue Moreno and Jack Rabbit Slim

Bow My Back                    The Kansas City Cryers


Episode 2 08/2008

This episode is a special on Bill Fadden, one of the most successful Rockabilly acts of the moment. Featuring a full interview and live performance, not to mention a spot of Genesis

Tracks played

This Boy's Movin' On      Bill Fadden and the Silvertone Flyers (Satellite Rock)
Bop Party                          Bill Fadden and the Silvertone Flyers (Bop Party)
Little Baby                        Bill Fadden and the Mostly Losers (Looking For Some Happiness)
The Dead Balladeer        Bill Fadden and the Mostly Losers (Looking For Some Happiness)
You Give Me A Thrill      Bill Fadden (acoustic)


Episode 1 06/2008

The First episode of The Western Star Rockabilly Podcast series presented by Bridge Williams and featuring interviews with The Bonneville Barons and Rudy La Crioux and the All Stars.

Tracks Played

Cherry Pie                    Jack Rabbit Slim (Sinuendo)
Just A Waitin'               Bill Fadden and the Mostly Losers (Looking For Some Happiness)
Ain't Too Much             The Bonneville Barons (Platter Pinata)
Wild 'n' Pretty               Rudy La Crioux and the All Stars (Wild 'n' Pretty)
Blues Caravan              
Jack Rabbit Slim (From The Waist Down)